Space- Time- Image - a concept, to which the photographer (*1965) lends new impulses. It all began with her discomfort over the exclusionary and demarcating maneuvering going on in the photography scene. There was much debate about fine arts photography, photojournalism, and documentary at the Leipzig Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, where Stuth began studying in 1991 under Evelyn Richter und Arno Richter, and where she received her postgraduate degree under Timm Rautert in 1998. In this environment she initially produced series that were still in a traditional documentary style. Around 2000, spurred on by her own vital curiosity and open-mindedness, the artist began researching techniques and paths that could be employed to break through this documentary style.
In this context, found, existing, and archived materials are woven into the simultaneity of past and present, of diverse media and cultures, to form equally paradoxical and enlightening narratives of the everyday and politics, art and history. (Michael Nolte) 

In the context of  f/stop Festival für Fotografie Leipzig 25.06. - 03.07.2016.

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