Domestic Noir is a literary subgenre in the genre of detective novels and crime fiction.
Though used earlier in discussion of the Film Noir subgenre, currently it is an independent
form of art. Domestic Noir mainly takes place in homes, daily routine and at workplaces.
The genre is predominantly, but not exclusively, with the female experience, based on
interpersonal relationships and describes, how the domestic sphere and the professional
environment can assume a similarly dangerous and and challenging perspective
as dark cellars and streets at night.

Under the title Domestic Noir, the pictures by Annika Kleist tell, how psychological
conditions of the influence of new media are manifested in domestic life. What is the
risk of the colorful, smooth surface of the digital reality or of the ephemeral language
on Instagramm or Twitter? The large-sized oil paintings create tension and suspense
through the things that are absent or hidden from the viewer.

Annika Kleist was born in Hagenow in 1986. From 2007 to 2014 she studied painting
and graphic design at the Academy of Graphic Arts and Book Design in Leipzig.
After a stay at the Camberwell College of Arts in London, she continued her studies
with Professor Astrid Klein in the class for Fine Arts in Leipzig and did her masterstudies
onwards 2014.

Domestic Noir is Annika Kleist´s master-class exhibition. 

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