The last few years have seen a renewed interest in painting that has a predilection for realism. Axel Krause, same age and same art school as Neo Rauch, focuses on the representation of the human figure. We want to present a view of paintings who create a dialogue between what may be the most popular theme in Western art: the human figure and the immediate adjacencies. It is a specific view that confronts the human being or places it in a specific context. Today in times of insecure social conditions, artists are dealing more intensively than ever with the human being. The paintings by Axel Krause give evidence of this; he provides an example of this trend. The works of Axel Krause reflects the contemporary conception of man. The people are alone and lonely, as a couple or even as one of many in often surrealistic changed contexts. What remains is the pose. Often declared dead in modern art, it still lives – representational painting.

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