Screening of the film "Potentially Good" (68 Min)

Tuesday - Friday 3pm & 4.30pm
Saturday 1.30pm

In the Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Hesse, Elvis Presley completed his military service from 1958 to 1960. Now the property is for sale. A new district is to be created. A tragedy for the members of the local Elvis Presley Association, an identity-forming reference point threatens to disappear. Based on this situation, Carsten Tabels film "Potentially Good" (2-channel projection, 68 min, Full HD, German / English) examines the influence of rock 'n' roll and American pop culture on the life of Friedberg's youth. How did the rebellion against the petty-bourgeois parents houses develop and how did the parents generation react to a youth who seemed to ally themselves with the occupying power against them?

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