Exhibition Write up by Dr. Ralf Hartmann, Co-rector of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig:

David Röder’s paintings are defined by peculiar figures, grotesque artifacts and curious sceneries. The artist […] is consistently searching for the essence of situations, for the narratives behind the obviously visible and the subtle expressiveness that can be found in transitional moment. The works are not means of storytelling themselves as they much more aim to distill a significant moment that could be compared to a cinematic “still”. Fundamental to his works is a sublime patina, a painterly sound, a muted static on which (via complex strategies of applying and removing paint) sceneries, figures and objects take shape. Rising from such surroundings, they come to their own significant life, oscillating between allegation and scrutiny of this unsteady existence. Along the way, they tell stories about the vague that lurks behind what is evident and vice versa.

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