Christoph Ruckhäberle‘s paintings have been described as figurative, lying in between realism and fantasy, and there for you to view in their entity. They can be devoured on a first level of visual pleasure – figures and patterns created with bold intense colors – or they can be used as an excuse to go deeper, as they give you the opportunity to make up your own stories. They are open to interpretation, but without imposing the burden of the over-complicated artwork, and without being light either. Ruckhäberle manages to balance the weight of his artwork, making it accessible and intriguing at the same time. Christoph gives equal attention to human figures as well as interiors, focusing to every detail in his work, while his large-sized paintings offer viewers a sense of satisfaction and fulfilled-ness. Based in Leipzig, Germany, he has exhibited throughout the world in the 2nd Prague Biennale, LIGA Gallery in Berlin, and Marianne Boesky in New York.

 from "Interview with Christoph Rückhäberle." The Hundreds. 2015,

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