The play with the images of art and their history is at the heart of Claudia Angelmaier’s work whereby particular focus lies on the pictures and their mechanical reproduction, material image and contextual situation. The protagonists of Angelmaier’s large-scale photographic works are books, postcards or transparencies and slides which show copies of “the masterpieces of art history”.

The artist is thus constantly in search of new systems and forms of pictorial manifestation. In her work entitled “Hase” (Young Hare), Angelmaier arranges Dürer’s famous hare into a sculptural composition of twelve art historical tomes which are opened out and laid or layered one on top of or next to each other. In this multifaceted overview of various copies of one and the same motif – in which the hare is seen in manifold colour nuances and different sizes – Angelmaier finds an ironic means of raising questions pertaining to the idea of the original.

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