The experience of looking at any of Falk Gernegross' paintings is similar to that of stumbling upon someone else's private event or personal encounter, and hovering to snatch a glance for a split second too long. Boldly painted in vivid pinks, yellows, and reds, his characters are shown in intimate moments: playing Twister together; lying in the long grass; undressing in a bedroom. The soft curves and fleshy tones of the body are captured with a particular attention to detail, managing to fluctuate between strong realism and a cartoon-like style. The combined result is suggestive of the slightly distorted images that you might recall from a dream, reflecting reality through the lens of your own memories and your own associations. Gernegross' paintings are strange and yet familiar; timeless but also strongly contemporary; erotic and yet innocent. 

 from Interview with Falk Gernegross by Louise Benson. 

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