Benni Pink
"For me, flower meadows are like orgies in swinger clubs, just without contraceptives. Both turns me on. Even if I only know orgies from porns and I only sit on meadows with a blanket."

"The biggest thing for me would be a sponsorship of Pornhub.com, but that will probably remain fantasy forever."

Rosa Loys search for a new-found femininity feeds on traditional female knowledge and the mysteries it entails of the inner nature of humans and the nature surrounding them. The picture compositions, rich in detail and full of symbolism, thus turn into echoes of old myths and spiritual cultures. The figures inhabiting her dreamlike landscapes and gardens are exclusively women, communicating with each other or lovingly pursuing their various activities. There are connotations here of a fairytale world, haunted by mythical creatures and trolls, and translated into a painting practice that springs from poetry and imagination. If we look deeper, though, the female figures, often depicted as pairs of twins or sisters, point towards a very sensitive web of relations within a feminine view of nature and society, which in fact is not defined by a political or feminist agenda. In her love of colour and her structures, Rosa Loy also borrows from the Renaissance, just as she likes using casein paints, which characterised the period’s murals and their composition.

Part 2

19 April – 24. April 2020


Everything at a glance.
Moving images overlap, the studio space is broken up into individual stories;
dense, at the same time and one above the other, they find themselves in an organized chaos.
The choir of images is united to a new sound.

Photographs were made in the studios of

Tilo Baumgärtel
Friederike Jokisch
David Schnell
Matthias Weicher

Part 1

14. April – 19. April 2020


"The lovers have always been painted! The touch too!
What is left now is "only" the picture, is only a vague memory
and all around a lot of quiet space that contracts ominously.
I think of the amber, yellow-gold, and if you hold it against the
sun, two insects locked in ... The day is a little like that.
The picture is a little bit like that."

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