In the context of the Spinnerei Gallery Tour 2013.


Nadin Maria Rüfenacht, born in Burgdorf (Switzerland) in 1980, studied photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in the class of Prof. Timm Rautert between 1999 and 2008. Today she lives and works in Leipzig and Bern.

Rüfenacht knows her art history. She is a master of photography, the art of painting with light. She knows how to use materials skillfully to create desired effects, for instance the impression of velvet. Her imagination is rich enough to transform inspiration from the study of old masters in impressive and unique ways. Objects become protagonists. The space, the lightning, the perspective convey the unique stylistic approach of the photographer.

In her new collages she is combining her own photographs with anthropological, art historical, and encyclopedic illustrations. In these works space and time appear to form a wonderful symbiosis. The subject matter of the images is located between the past and the future, the transient and the eternal, between death and life. She is investigating the mysteries of life and brings the hidden into view.


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