The Swedish artist Nadja Bournonville shows chosen pictures of her series "Blindfell" focusing the visual perception as selective process. Thus, she is interested in the troublesome and limited aspects of the sense of vision as a result of the selective, incomplete, and unconscious communication between the brain and the eyes. Bournonville works with photographs, found materials and text excerpts. She stages and combines analogue b/w photographs and colour pictures with collages and videos. 

The drawings of Sebastian Speckmann are based on the book "Das ist Suomi. Finnland in Wort und Bild published in 1942. The artist attempts to break off the propagandistic statements to create new statements. It is the idea of anatgonising the Nazi propaganda in a way ludicrously artistic way. Popular scenes were alienated to pictures with seductive, and simultaneously eerie notion and atmosphere which absorb the viewer completely. 

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