In regarding Loy's pictures, the viewer might be reminded of Sigmund Freud's definition of the uncanny (das Unheimlich): This does not involve anything new or strange, but rather something familiar and deep-rooted. The homely (das Heimliche) becomes alienated via the process of repression to become something secret (heimlich) that has been concealed and is now in danger of coming to light - thus appearing as a threat. [...] A picture's composition, the construction of a painting, plays a crucial role in this process. The scenes are fragmented, even revealing a strikingly collage-like character at times [...]. 

 from Steiner, Babara. "Paintings as Doppelganger." Ed. Gallery Baton. Rosa Loy. Green Heart. Gangnam-gu: Jungwon Process, 2014.

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