Die Stille (The Silence), Die Höhle (The Cave), Die Insel (The Island), Die Wälder (The Woods) are titles of of works by Sebastian Nebe, and they show exactly what they promised. [...] The space is filled with the promise that these places could be found in real life. [...] In his paintings, Sebastian Nebe captures the morbidly familiar with great atmosphere and with obvious consideration for physical effects. At the same time, he creates a mental distance to elements of drama through calculated references to art history. Meanwhile, the gaze trails off into the black and white images, sporadically intercut by patches of colour that mark the sky or a piece of tarpaulin. The ironic take on these scenes, mixed with what might be a pleasure in decay, are defining elements of these mood landscapes and connect the artist with romantic painting. 

 from Dimke, Ana. "A Walks through the Image." Ed. Schmidt, Hans-Werner. Sebastian Nebe. Der Neue Morgen. Leipzig: Zweitausendeins, 2013. 

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