One stands before a towering panorama. And yet stand us the wrong word; one walks. You walk into this picture, find yourself in a pine forest, where naked branches interweave impenetrably. Snow covers the ground, old snow. The forest has endured a long winter, so it seems. The mood is somewhere between "not yet" and "no longer": the  day, the year. The thicket opens up in the centre. The pathos of the form, the subject: all metaphors that could dwell in this forest; all at once they seem to have slipped away. We stand before the wreck of a car. An old chair glances out, and apart from that it is as if we could literally hear the silence. But it still clear: someone has been here. 

from Kleindienst, Jürgen and Sebastian Nebe. "The Forest as a Stage." Ed. Schmidt, Hans-Werner. Sebastian Nebe. Der Neue Morgen. Leipzig: Zweitausendeins, 2013. 

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