"Unlocations" are the uncomfortable gray areas of contemporary urban development - pedestrian underpasses, parking lots, gas stations, highway on and off ramps, as well as without a doubt the elevated walkways which are in particular focus of the work of Sebastian Stumpf. His photographs depict a reality that lurks far in the background of what were originally intended to be urban architectural utopias. The images are taken at an intermediate distance from the railing of the elevated walkway. Generally, little of the sky is to be seen, and there are few pedestrians or passing cars. The highrise façades found in virtually any large city from London to Beijing from a kind of faceless architectural backdrop that consists of glass, concrete, and marble. With his photographs Sebastian Stumpf turn these elevated pathways into a stage on which a performance takes place with no audience - at least no direct audience; as such, unlocations are generally closely watched by surveillance cameras. 


from Siegel, Steffen. "Passage." Ed.Richter, Angelika. Sebastian Stumpf. All These Walls. Berlin: argobooks, 2010. 

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