"curar a la familia" (Healing the Family) revolves around the themes of connection between humans and nature and the passage of time. Opening during the onset of spring, the exhibition celebrates the parallels between the richness of the natural world and tumultuous human conditions. Featuring Simon Adam Peter's characteristic sensual portraiture layered with imagery of flowers in various stages of bloom, whispering foliage, and scattered pieces of fallen wood, these paintings symbolize the superiority of nature and its potential for healing both individual souls and collective society. This paradigm, rooted in ancient wisdom, contrasts starkly with the patriarchal capitalist system of today, suggesting that a remedy for mass-scale alienation lies in a return to community values, reverence for nature, and acceptance of impermanence. "curar a la familia" invites viewers to viscerally experience this truth through their senses. The works predominantly showcases solitary, nude male figures, depicted either surrounded by plants or confined within interiors adorned with floral imagery. Immersed in layers of foliage, Peter's subjects are imbued with a sense of longing, often depicted in contemplation, their gaze extending beyond the confines of the canvas in search of solace. This interplay between interior and exterior settings guides the exhibition's internal narrative. Each painting serves as a microcosm, with some bursting with vibrant joy while others simmer in contemplative monochrome. Like the changing seasons, the pendulum of emotions never ceases its swing. To experience the elation of springtime rebirth, one must first navigate the darkness of winter. Peter's characters oscillate between passion and pain, experiencing moments of ecstasy amidst devastation. Just as winter is essential for the growth of flora and fauna, periods of reflection and confrontation with inner darkness are crucial for understanding the complexity of the human condition. By embracing the complexities of the soul, true connection and healing within the human family become possible.

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