Lehner watches with an almost iconic fear that not too many allusions of perceptible reality, too much homogeneity, too many systems appear and persist in his work. he is well aware of the addiction and power of the viewers. One key aspect of the to and fro of his method, the positioning of forms and critique, is time accordingly. Lehner paints over many parts, permanently adding to the composition. At times one would need three hands to count the layers. Unlike the usual corrections carried out by painters this approach differs in that it is systematic: the creation of order is followed by its disruption. In abstract brevity we witness the entire history of the cosmos - or otherwise our own emotions when watching traffic lights turning red. [...] The process of painting between order and a denial of order, between chaos and its exits is continued and continues ever further. Lehner is searching for the limit. 

 from Michael, Meinhard. "What if the Butterfly was a Painter?" Ed. Galerie Kleindienst et al. Tobias Lehner. Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag, 2007.

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