Tobias Lehner's painting is as well as a reflex on the modern condition of thought on chaos and order. From the positioning, as he calls it, and its correction, from construction and destruction, repeated over and over on the same level and in decreasing scale (however not in the sense of fractals) he develops his rich and full paintings. [...] Many of the patterns used by Lehner relate to the mechanical world: pressed metal plates, stencils, gratings. Next to them, below, above liquid, soft and floral matter spreads. Straight against twisted, flowing against solid. Perhaps the straigthened zones can stabilize the areas, whereas the bent ones prompt them to movement. Not only because they lack stability per se, but with intention; the thunder storms of patterns [...]. 

from Michael, Meinhard. "What if the Butterfly was a Painter?" Ed. Galerie Kleindienst et al. Tobias Lehner. Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag, 2007. 

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