In the context of the Spinnerei Gallery Tour 2014.

 Tobias Lehner's canvases possess an obviously abstract quality in that we can't associate with them a story in the form of an image, but also because it's no more possible to stabilize as the main motif any one form standing out from the background in keeping with the principle of classic representation. The repetition of motifs, their spread and mutation dissolve any shape into a surface entity that catches our attention for that very reason. The thing that structures what we see is indeed less a programmed result than a chaotic and permanent interaction between different levels of motifs that interact by being superimposed on one another. 

from Darragon, Eric. "Abstractly Figured Moments." Ed.Galerie Kleindienst et al. Tobias Lehner. Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag, 2007. 

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