In writing, a space is a blank area devoid of content, serving to separate words, letters, numbers, and punctuation. In german the term „Plenk“ is used to describe superfluous spaces in a text, a mistake in orthography. These extra spaces occur a lot and seem to indicate a need for pauses and distances. Tom Fabritius pursues this need in his work. He pulls out single images from the ambient noise level of TV pictures. These redundant moments, the transients, the negligible episodes are given an own identity, the dignity of the unknown. The images have to go through various media and numerous selections until their claim for autonomy as a painting is settled.

The current works of Tom Fabritius seem to pause for a moment. They appear to be wanting to hint at something elusive. There is a quiet gleam and radiance and tranquility in the „Kollektoren“ or the „Tisch“. The newts in „Lurchliebe“ and the person in „Matratzenlager“ appear to be isolated in another sphere. The title of the picture „Ich seh’ schon was, ich seh’ schon was...“ (I can already see it) makes one stretch the neck to be able to participate, to attain certainty, to understand the crisp whispering of the paintings. But it is in vain; one is left with the feeling to be very close to something really important.

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