On the one hand Libuda's paintings always offer a feast of colours to delight the eye. their force and presence cast an ineluctable spell. On the other hand, viewers will strive in vain to comprehend the complexity and prodigality of these works with one single, unambiguous explanation. On the contrary, the multiple strata of these works constantly open up new or different ways of looking. [...] Walter Libuda also follows the stream of consciousness in creating his visual images with their multiple layers of meanings, very often developed over long periods of time, but never in a single operation. 

from Rodiek, Thorsten. "From the Deepest Depths." Ed. Kulturstiftung Hansestadt Lübeck. Walter Libuda. Doppelt Stehn - Einfach Sehn. Malerei. Zeichnung. Plastik. Objekt. Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag, 2014. 

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