Anett Stuth's photographs are images. But not in the customary sense photographic images, which [...] suggest a unity of time, place, and motif. Stimulated by discourses on art and photo reportage, on documentation and documentary photography, Anett Stuth purses a path which transcends the conventional dimension of photographic space and redefines it. Observed at a slight distance, we see a "single" photograph: a uniform composition in which additional spaces and perspectives naturally open up. Then, when closely observed, we become immersed in a wide diversity of pictures and worlds. In constellations we never thought of in this way before, and never encountered until now. Interconnections and dichotomies perhaps reminiscent of our dreams form a puzzling alliance of associative loops.

In turn, what irritates about these illusionistic architectures are their concrete references to reality: visual quotes from history, film and art history, and from everyday situations, as well as pictures we recognize a thousandfold from the never-ending news updates of private, public, and virtual spheres. But still, the sufficiently familiar suddenly becomes strange again in Anett Stuth's photography. 

from Nolte, Michael. "A World Beyond a Thousand Images." Ed. Galerie Kleindienst. Heute ist Vergangenheit: Today Is the Past. Leipzig: Lubok Verlag, 2009. 

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