In the series entitled Taska (Russian for melancholy), the artist confronts the viewer with a jumble of dissonant motifs, recreating a journey through the time. individual paper cuts have the effect of faded and crudely sketched images from memory, others seem to come from direct experiences on a journey, gathered along the way, whilst at the same time encountering radically divergent realities of life. As we will see below, this series, which is made up of many parts, is a daring and masterful artistic statement in which in a polyphony of motifs conjures up a multitude of sensory impressions. 

from Hering, Michael. "Time Cutouts." Ed. Galerie Kleindienst. Annette Schröter. Taska. Papierschnitte/Paper Cuts 2013-1014. Berlin: MMKoehn Verlag, 2015.

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