The frequent central composition of her paintings places the figures at the focal point. In creating her oeuvre, the artist uses watercolour, oil paints, crayons, various links and diverse varnishes. The collages are made using photographs and coloured papers as well as painting media. The support used by Corinne von Lebusa is cardboard, which partially absorbs the paint, resulting in a gentle and soft haptic impression. [...] Corinne von Lebusa utilises not only universally recognised symbols and signs but also devices, characters, words and fragments of sentences that she has invented herself. Her own research demands that she uses her own symbols and quotations. It is remarkable how she assembles them into abstract compositions and also allows them to influence her figural paintings. Increasingly, abstract works are to be found among the artist's productions, and these are a logical continuation and complement to her work so far. It is very refreshing to see how each of her paintings clearly showcases her distinctive personal style. 

Loy, Rosa. "What I see, the Other Sees." Ed. Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung. Corinne von Lebusa. Was ich Seh Sieht Das Andere. Dresden: Sandstein Verlag, 2014. 

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